DesignerCon London T-Shirt by Thumbs

For this year (2021), we have Artist Thumbs design our first ever DesignerCon London Merchandise. Our Official DesignerCon London T-shirt will be available on sale during the event (from 20 August to 22 August 2021).

The artwork done by Thumbs goes across the back of the T-shirt, with a small emblem on the front left chest area. With bright and cheerful colours, you’d be popping out like a real star in those Tee.

About Thumbs

Thumbs is a London based artist specialising in pop culture inspired artwork. Making cool stuff that will bring back your child hood.




More about Thumbs

London born pop culture artist and graphic designer Thumbs, a.k.a. Nick Thompson creates cartoon parody art.  His designs crossover cartoons, movies and pop culture references, and with a background in skateboarding and a love for comic books, skate art and 90’s cartoons it’s hardly surprising.