DesignerCon Artist Bearbrick Series 2 - 100%

Released exclusively at DesignerCon, this limited edition Bearbrick set includes five 100% Bearbricks from five different artists: Jermaine RogersLouis De GuzmanValfreAlex Pardee, and Greg Mike. The set of five Bearbricks comes in a branded box with a clear window, making in-box or out-of-box display equally appealing. This Bearbrick set released on November 22nd, 2020, and since then has been one of the most popular Bearbrick products on StockX. Secure your set today.




Bearbrick is a collectible toy designed and produced by the Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated. The name is derived from the fact that the figure is a cartoon-style representation of a bear and that it is a variation of MediCom’s Kubrick design.

100% Bearbricks are the standard size of figures which is 7cm. 50% are 4cm high. 70% are 5cm high.